Quality Management

Quality comes from strict 360-degree stereo multi-dimensional inspection and auditing standards

Mould Design Solution Mould Equipments Quality Management Mould Process Flow

Good IS09001 fully in accordance with the requirements of production. Our introduction of advanced measuring equipment and quality management system to control from design to production,every link of acceptance. The ultimate customer satisfaction is our final demand.

The mould design is completed,we retain the CAD data,and then proceed to mould production,the use of CMM testing equipment, electronic measurement instrument for testing. All programs are made by our experienced staff in accordance with strict quality control standards, to ensure that the products can meet the customer's specific requirements.

Main QC Procedure:

1. Steel Hardness Inspection

2. Mould Steel Dimension Inspection

3. Mould Electrodes Inspection

4. Mould Parts Dimension Inspection

5. Mould Pre-Assembly Inspection

6. Mould Trial Report and Samples Inspection

7. Final Inspection before Shipment

Plant and Equipment

Sharp tools make good work. Good mould the introduction of high-precision mould manufacturing and plastic Processing all in one service equipment, effective guarantee of the quality of mould.


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