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We mainly manufacture Pallet Mould, Garbage can Mould, Automobile Mould.

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Professional mold manufacturing

Jija Mould can utilize its technology and resource to make custom moulds which are suitable for your current tooling. Through our in-house facilities and one associate that we select outside, we combine capability with capacity to achieve the requirements of any particular tooling project flexibly.

To maximize your production and minimize products cost, we also give you some suggestions on tooling modifications and design changes. Additionally, tooling life will be extended through our maintenance program. It can enhance tooling productivity.

Jija Mould has rich experience in both hard and soft tools. Soft tools are usually made of aluminum alloy which may be suggested when the requirements on product quantity is not so large, because the hard tools’ life or capacity is far exceed the products’ production requirements. In another words, it can save the cost of products.


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