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Regulation of JIJA

New Year new look. At the end of 2019, JIJA have prepared everything for the development of 2020.

It is more and more competitive in mould industry. In order to adapt such competition and keep up with the pace of development, JIJA carried out lots of re-fitment.

First, JIJA adjusted mold assembly shop: workshop is repainted; the assembly location of every technician is redistributed. And every technician has one blackboard to record their task and project deadlines, it reminds them to complete mould on time with good quality. Secondly,in order to keep and improve mould quality, JIJA made a big investment in equipments. JIJA have purchased 8 sets EDM and replaced many CNC. Meanwhile, JIJA decorated the machining workshop. It becomes cleaner and more regular.

Details determine success or failure. Hope JIJA will have a bright future in 2020.


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